Sweet Home Theatre Setups – Apollo 3

Apparently there are sci-fi buffs out there who, when settling in to build a home theatre, can think of something other than the bridge of the Enterprise D.  And this time, someone’s actually set up their very own version of the Apollo 3, with back lit spaceview window ports, various dummy panels, and a “turbolift” that makes me even more suspicious.

Between that and the overall look of the room, it does look sort of Enterprise-ish.  But that slight design disparity aside, this is a sweet home theatre setup, make no mistake about that.

There’s a hundred and thirty two inch projector screen in here, automated dimming controls, and storage space for a video library.

It’s not as advanced as some we’ve seen, and uncharitable souls might well call this a Star Trek knockoff and be entirely accurate in the assessment.  But still, this is a pretty sweet home theater with plenty of room for all your friends to watch movies on an impressively big screen.