Sweet Home Theatre Setup – The Sealed Vault

Well, if the Indiana Jones home theatre setup wasn’t sufficiently sweet for you, maybe you’ll get more joy out of the sealed vault home theatre setup.

First, yes, that IS a bank vault door you see in the background there.  It actually works, too.  Plus, you’ve got a mural, cherrywood accents, leather seating for about twelve or so, and stadium seating.  This by itself is pretty nice until you add on the components, which include a one hundred six inch projector screen and a Sony projector.

The interesting thing about this setup is that the components are actually exposed.  Now, hiding speakers is a bad idea, but hiding your DVD player and such? That’s not so bad.  But in the sealed vault, they’re right out in the open, counting on the distraction of the room’s decor to keep people occupied.

But either way, this is definitely a sweet home theatre setup.