Scitech DVP-120CP portable DVD player


This upcoming new portable DVD player from the house of Scitech corresponds effectively with the CPRM/VM mode. The mobile utilization level corresponds with a rise in the level of CPRM related DVD possession ratio. It is loaded with a wide liquid crystal of 7 inches and is likely to hit the market in late November. This one-touch DVD player displays images at aspect ratio 16:9/4:3.

The battery comes with a lithium ion that can effectively play for maximum time duration of 2.5 hours uninterruptedly. The weight of the DVD player is around 800gm excluding battery weight. It comes with charge duration of approximately 4 hours. It also has AV output terminal, earphone jack and remote control to create a better environment for itself and its users.

The price of the new portable DVD player is approximately 19,800 Japanese Yen.

Via: Scitech