DAE3 Digital amplifier by D2 Audio Corporation

.D2 Audio Corporation launched 3rd generation Digital Audio Engine DAE-03 to match TV’s high definition video which adds home theatre quality sound to existing flat panel TVs. The new DAE3 digital amplifier technology brings a realistic home theatre experience to secondary TV at a very modest price.

With the built in audio digital signal processor, DAE3 Digital amplifier controller can improve the sound quality by eliminating the unpleasant effects of ill placed, small, inexpensive speakers and hence the result is home theatre like audio experience. The user can enjoy the pleasure of having advanced media over their D2 based Audio DTV.

The DAE3 Digital amplifier provides realistic sound quality even from small speakers. With the built in integrated support for multi-channel HDMI data and Power Amplifier and Pre Amplifier Line-Out audio, the realistic sound quality is achieved at a very low price.

Apart from analog audio inputs, it also has SPDIF input and output support and DSD input over HDMI. The powerful high performance sample rate converter helps in removing noise and jitter. The system cost is minimized by integrated audio DSP which supports speaker tuning/compensation through D2Audio SoundSuite processing algorithms.

Via: Businesswire