Samsung UN55B6000VF Television Review-Slightly Better Than Its Predecessor

We talked about the Samsung UN55B6000 before here, and so, it might strike you as a surprise to see us reviewing it again.  The thing about it is, of course, we’re not reviewing it again.  Instead, we’re reviewing a slightly different version–the Samsung UN55B6000VF.

The Samsung UN55B6000VF is a fifty five inch 1080p LCD television with Anynet+ capability, game mode, picture in picture, Touch of Color systems, InfoLink capability, four HDMI inputs, one PC input, one component input, one Ethernet input, one RF input and two USB inputs.

You can see that the Samsung UN55B6000VF is really just a slight refination over its predecessor, but even a very slight refination is an upgrade nonetheless.   Considering that the original turned in a solid performance, it won’t come as a surprise to anyone when I say that its refined version also provides superior sound and picture performance.  Of course, this model also comes with those touch controls on the front of the system that I hate so much, so take that as you will.

All things considered, though, the Samsung UN55B6000VF is an excellent piece of hardware, and at twenty six hundred dollars, it had better be.