Samsung 320TSn-02 Professional Touch Screen Display

The all new Samsung 32" 320TSn-02 LCD Touch Screen display takes communication to an elevated level. It is a simple integrated solution that features fast and accurate touch-sensitive infrared technology.

The Samsung 320TSn-02 Display supports a fast screen response, allowing you to get information you need with just a single touch of your finger. To display highest resolution content, the display supports full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution. Scheduling and controlling content of the display is made simple with the built-in PC and proprietary MagicInfo™ Pro software. Other matchless features of the display include four types of anti-image retention, built in speakers and built-in Windows XP Embedded.

Built to last in a commercial environment, the 320TSn-02 has been fully equipped with a 3 mm protective LCD glass panel and flexible pivot function that allows viewing a vertical image or text easy without mouse scrolling.