LG 42LH30 Television Review-Mostly Nice

It’s been my experience that television brands sort of develop commonalities across their various units.  There’s always room for a little variation–sometimes brands will fix mistakes made in earlier or smaller models, or something will have improved or even gotten worse.  For instance, I hate Samsung’s control scheme, and I always expect good things out of a Toshiba.  And LG generally offers a solid unit, as we’ll see today.

The LG 42LH30 is a forty two inch 1080p television with three HDMI ports, two component jacks, one composite jack, and one USB jack.  Plus, it has Invisible Speaker technology, several AV modes, Clear Voice and Picture Wizard technologies.

There’s definitely a lot to like with this one–as with its other, smaller installment the 37LH30, it’s got excellent controls and good quality sound to it.  They’ve actually managed to improve the pic a bit because I didn’t notice the strange artifacts that kept cropping up in the blue images back on the 37.

So if you’re looking for a forty two inch 1080p and don’t mind paying seven hundred bucks for it (which really isn’t that bad as LCD TV prices go), then you’ll have a very solid buy.