Pass Labs SR1 Loudspeakers in New Finishes

Renowned for unique high-performance products, the audio innovator Pass Laboratories, Inc. has come up with two new finishes for its groundbreaking SR1 Loudspeaker. The SR1 loudspeakers are high-performance listening system that uses highest quality drivers available. These two new options are offered as exclusive alternatives to the SR1’s original Cherry finish.

The new Pass Labs finishes are Madrone Burl and natural Black Ash. The Madrone finishes are from the sturdy Madrone tree native to the Pacific Northwest, while black ash typically runs to dark reddish brown with distinctive black streaks.

You can now find the SR1 Loudspeaker from authorized Pass Labs dealers at a suggested price of $25,000/pair in its original Cherry finish, and $28,000 in its new Madrone Burl or Black Ash finishes.