Roku Expands, Opens Its Own Channel Store

Now here’s an interesting bit of news–seems that the boys out at Roku, who are basically turning Netflix into an easy access, user programmable cable network, opened their own “Channel Store”.

The Roku Channel Store contains fully ten separate channels which gives users access to Facebook photos, Pandora streams, podcasts, and more.

Word is that the setup isn’t quite so easy to deal with, and the comparatively simple interface actually makes things difficult (when’s the last time you heard THAT combination) because it can’t handle a large number of options.  However, the early word says that what’s available represents a real possibility.

If more content moves in–especially more non-movie content–Netflix and Roku give themselves an edge in the marketplace and a little extra breathing room from the nine hundred pound elephant in the room that is Epix.

For Roku and Netflix to win in the long run, they’ve got to continually add content.  They have to be relentless in their pursuit of same.  And with the Roku Channel Store’s initial offerings, they certainly look to be moving in that direction.