Wheres Our Hulu App, Apple?

Some time ago, Apple announced that a truly “badass” app that would allow iPhone users to stream content from Hulu was coming on the order of Real Soon Now.

Real Soon Now, in case you’re keeping track, started in April and hasn’t yet showed up.

Naturally, Apple’s got a really, REALLY good explanation as to why its badass app has hasn’t shown up yet.

“Great question.  It was a great app a while ago. Imagine how good it will be by the time they launch version three as their first.”

Um…okay.  Maybe News Corp, one of Hulu’s parents, can explain better.

News Corp. COO Chase Carey suggested “there is still no timeline,”

Oh wow.  Scratch that…okay, let’s try The Buisness Insider’s Silicon Alley Insider, who broke the story of the Hulu app in the first place!  Surely they’ll…

So where is it? Short story is, we don’t know.

Of course, some suggest that with Comcast meaning to buy a stake in Hulu, that’ll put a hold on things like the iPhone app for a while.  But at this point, it’s all speculation, and Real Soon Now continues on unabated.