RCA starts a line of portable hybrid televisions

We all know that RCA puts out a lot of terrific TVs like the RCA RTD615i Home Theater System, RCA RTD316Wi Home Theater System, and RCA RTB1100 Home Theater System.

RCA has recently announced some portable hybrid televisions at CES but are $10 higher than the prices announced last January. These TVs are able to receive both Mobile DTV as well as standard digital TV signals.

Granted, these are not television sets that would probably fit well in your home theater, but for those that like the portability factor, these particular models come with a car kit that includes a charger, remote control, as well as a monopole antenna for about $129.

Now, let’s get to the prices for the RCA televisions. There are two different 3.5 inch models which run about $119 and $159, with the more expensive model that includes an FM tuner, lithium ion battery back instead of AA batteries. There is also a 7-inch model that costs about $179.