X2 Hybrid Headphones from ZUMREED

We have reported on ZUMREED products before, like the Zumreed Dreams Square headphones and the ZHP-005. These X2 Hybrid Headphones […]

The SA7 Wireless Hybrid Earphones

Recently, the SA7 Wireless Hybrid earphones were made from military grade materials, which includes carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium. Apparently, […]

Samsung Hybrid PDP TVs

Samsung has recently announced a new set of Hybrid PDP – Plasma – TVs codenamed PN50C550G1F, PN42C430A1D and PN50C430A1D. The […]

Myka ION HD Hybrid Media Player

Are you planning to turn your PC into a home theater system? Well don’t go through the trouble. Myka has […]