Pioneer CST Series Speakers

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. recently unveiled its CST Series speaker systems. A combination of versatility and performance, the speakers offer outstanding quality audio. The series consists of S-IW651, S-IW851, S-IW551L, S-IC651 and S-IC851 speakers. Enjoy the ultimate home theater experience with speakers based on CST driver technology.

You can get uniform sound coverage throughout the room with high-grade material construction resulting in lossless audio formats. A wide frequency response and 1.5” aluminum tweeter maintains the originality of sound. The entire range of speakers meets sonic reproduction standards.

Complement the CST speakers with A/V receivers and blu-ray disk players and enter a new world of entertainment. While S-IW651 and S-IC651 are priced at $499/pair, the S-IW851 and S-IC851 are priced at $599/pair.

Via: Press