Pinnacle TVCenter Pro


Digital world now has a new entry in the form of the newly launched Pinnacle TVCenter Pro. This all-in-one digital TV tuner and antenna is an integrated solution for digital terrestrial TV and radio1. It features signal booster for ultra-sensitive reception. This product launched by Pinnacle is capable of bringing television to your PC and that too with elegance.

Pinnacle TVCenter Pro enables you to trim and edit recordings. Not only this, you can also add photos, music and titles on this new product. It comes fitted with a hard disk of 1GB free space. The whole tuner comes packed in a single USB device. TVCenter also incorporates sound and graphics controllers with support for DirectX9.

With Pinnacle TVCenter Pro you also get an all-in-one USB connection Stylish remote control. This new product works efficiently with Windows Media Center and allows you to watch, pause and rewind live TV.


Via: Press