Sony BDV-IT1000 BRAVIA Home Theatre

Sony, world’s leading electronic company, has recently launched its new Sony BDV-IT1000 BRAVIA Home Theatre. This new system is capable of providing you with the new High-Definition audio codecs. Incorporating super-slim speakers, this new home theatre system provides you with a simple set-up and easy operation.

The new Sony BDV-IT1000 BRAVIA Blu-ray Home Theatre delivers a 1080p quality resolution. It can be connected to external HD sources like PLAYSTATION3 or an HDTV tuner. This BD-Live Ready system comes with two HDMI input terminals.

BRAVIA Theatre BDV-IT1000 is an all-in-one Home Cinema System with optical digital and analogue stereo inputs. Its XrossMediaBar onscreen display is simple and provides a logical operation for all functions.

Via: Sony