Niles Audio Corporation announced their latest system control remote called iREMOTE TS. This easy to use system control remote with color touch screen is exceptional in operating the award-winning IntelliControl ICS distributed audio/video system and automating sophisticated home theater systems. Employing the reliable ZigBee 2-way wireless technology, NILES iREMOTE TS enables the users to scan all the necessary metadata, select and play program material from menu based digital sources. Another great feature of NILES iREMOTE TS is that it can integrate with Niles HT-MSU home theater main system unit to manage all the major components in a home theater system.

With iRemote TS package you will get a hand held user interface with high resolution 3.5” color touch screen and a power supply. Designed with a minimal time consuming IntelliFile 3 wizard – based software, NILES iREMOTE TS will be put on display in Booth 606 at CEDIA Expo. This unique product from Niles can be yours in just about $1,299.95 from January 2008 onwards.