Sharp LC-32DS3 32V LCD TV

.Sharp recently announced its latest LC-32DS3 will be available from October 10. The 32-inch LCD TV boasts of numerous features including number of pixels Horizontal 1,920? vertical 1,080 pixels, brightness 450cd/m2, Contrast 2000: 1 (living contrast 900: 1), angle of visibility Top and bottom 176 degree and left and right 176 degrees, Speaker ?5.5cm?2, ? 2.0cm?2, Audio utility installed capacity (JEITA) Synthesis 20.0 W (10.0 W + 10.0 W), power source AC 100 V 50/60Hz. The Sharp LC-32DS3 consumes 169W of electric power. This member of AQUOS family gives the users three color options black (LC-32DS3-B), lead (LC-32DS3-K) and white (LC-32DS3-W). The latest line up is slim in design and fills the room with high end home theater experience.

Via: Sharp