Mitsubishi Electric to Sell 19.2-inch TFT-LCD Module Internationally

The newly developed AA192AA01, a 19.2 inch color TFT-LCD module by Mitsubishi Electric, is all set to be available in market worldwide. The module supports a range of design solution and wide-format display. Besides, the LED feature provides extensive backlight life.

The module supports a 16:3-aspect and has a flexible and an inverter-less design. It boasts a market-leading operating temperature ranging from -30 to 80 degrees C that enables the module withstand harsh environments. The Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary color conversion technologies deliver vivid colors and images. It also adjusts or replaces colors lost because of LCD characteristics.

The AA192AA01 TFT-LCD module will be available through Mitsubishi Electric sales sites in Japan, China, Europe, Taiwan and South Korea from April 1. Including consumption tax, the cost of module in Japan will be 80,000 yen.