Huge Broadband Overhaul To Make Streaming Accessible?

Okay, folks, we’ve been having a pretty rough time of things lately in the States.  Our government spends like a collection of drunken sailors with someone else’s wallet.  But this just might help brace things up a bit–or at least make them more bearable.  Dig the word:

According to multiple press reports, FCC Commissioner Julius Genachowski last week echoed Google in asking the government and telecom industry to accept the challenge of connecting 100 million U.S. households to the Web at 100-megabit-per-second speeds by 2020.

This has a LOT of ears perked up and stands to change the game as we know it.

If internet access becomes a public utility, like phones or electricity, it represents a serious boost to streaming operations like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu, among a host of others, and it does serious damage to cable companies.

Precious few people will stick with cable if super-high speed internet becomes ubiquitous–thus everyone from the networks on down will have to migrate to the Internet.  It was one of the major hurdles I described earlier when it came to making streaming widespread, but it looks like that hurdle may be about to fall over after all.

This is a terribly exciting development, folks–keep it here for all the latest.