HBO Joins Streaming War With HBO Go

If you’ve ever had a problem leaving the house because something good was about to come on HBO or Cinemax, then you may not have to worry any more.  Seems HBO is looking to get a piece of the streaming war by introducing HBO Go, a streaming service that allows you to see HBO and Cinemax content on the move.

This is actually a bit of a game changer in many ways–it beats Netflix because it gets access to content much sooner than Netflix can, it beats Hulu because it gets a lot MORE content than Hulu would ever be able to get their hands on, and of course, it’s got sheer name recognition on their side.  There’s probably a lot of people out there who think that Hulu is some kind of piracy site, where most people would be able to make the move, intellectually, and say “Oh, I can get HBO on my computer now?”.  It makes a lot more sense than most.

So it’s one more name in the field, and eventually, the streaming war is going to be a REAL doozy.