Media Decor Ecco Series

Some people are not really fond of seeing their LCD panel TVs exposed just like that and as a solution, this concealed TV design concept offered by the Ecco Series is bound to be a great alternative.

The latest from the firm is the low-cost Ecco Series of framed artwork that conceals your flat-panel TVs with exquisite artwork. The new Ecco Series helps users hide their flat-panel TVs with elegant pieces of moving art. The Ecco Moving Art is one of the most economical solutions to date for concealing flat screens.

The unique stainless steel stabilizing rod keeps the art close to the frame and the wall enclosure is also included to conceal the sides of the flat-panel TV. The two battery-operated models available in the Ecco Series are the Ecco 42 and Ecco 50

Price: $1,495.00

(Source) Ecoustics