DIY Acoustical Fabric Walls

A fabric wall system can make the difference between a home theater that just looks great, and a home theater that looks great and sounds great too. Usually acoustical fabric walls require custom installation by home theater professionals, but the carries a versatile, prefab system that any reasonably handy homeowner can self-install. The system works on a track system similar the kind you might use for a suspended ceiling.

You install the flexible tracks first and then stretch the acoustical fabric panels between them. The result is a professional looking acoustical fabric wall treatment that looks terrific and gives your Home Theater professional theater quality sound. A variety of fabrics in many beautiful colors are available, and if you need help figuring out exactly how much track and fabric to order and where to place everything, will do lay that out for you on request. Simply take the room measurements and they’ll put a package together for you. Wall systems start at $300 to $500 per wall and go up depending on materials and complexity.