Magnavox 47MF439B Television Review-A Good Piece At A Bad Price

Sometimes in life, you get more than you pay for.  And other times, you get exactly what you pay for.

Sometimes, you even pay for more than what you actually get, and the Magnavox 47MF439B represents exactly that.

The Magnavox 47MF439B is a forty seven inch 1080p LCD television with three HDMI inputs and a PC input, along with some more basic features like sleep timer and picture control options.

See, this is why, or at least part of why, I call it a good piece at a bad price.  It has a great picture and good sound quality, the controls are simple enough to operate, but there are virtually no ports to speak of on this thing and the cost is patently ridiculous.  How ridiculous?  This thing with a bare handful of ports retails for nine hundred bucks.  Now, I don’t know about you but I find the Magnavox 47MF439B to be a comparatively poor value for what you get.  Not that it’s a bad unit, mind you, but there are simply better buys.