iPhone App Manages Netflix Queue

This is a terribly, TERRIBLY awesome development.  Maybe you’ve heard about the Nokia app that’ll let you manage your Netflix queue from your phone.  Well, now, Netflix has its own equivalent, the ezMoviePick.

The ezMoviePick doesn’t just manage your queue, though–and before you ask, no, it most certainly will NOT allow you to stream video onto your iPhone–but it will do something interesting.  If you shake your iPhone while using ezMoviePick, you then activate its predictive algorithm, and it will make a selection for you that it thinks you’ll like based on your current queue.

Yes, your iPhone will now pick you out a movie to watch based on the shake of a wrist.  And what you may not have considered is, if you take it to a video store with you, you can get your predictions right there in the store.  Clever, huh?  Leave it to a former video store clerk to catch this kind of thing.