Light Blue Optics to Launch Holographic Laser LOCS Projector

Light Blue Optics has been working hard on a very new and very hot project. The touch-enabled holographic laser LOCS projection engine sounds like a complicated thing but hopefully we’ll see the first working module by the end of the year.

Holographic laser projection could be the way we’re headed in terms of home entertainment so we’d better get used to the concept. And such technology could be used in various areas as it would be included into various gadgets and even cars at some point in the future.

How would a holographic laser projector work? Well first of all don’t expect any holographs soon. Instead the term refers to the way the image is projected not to the projected image itself. Light Blue Optics will use its own holographic algorithm to display the image on a very small Liquid Crystal on Silicon display. Then the image will be projected when the LCOS display is illuminated by laser light and it will remain focused at all distances.

The first prototype will be unveiled sometime in the fourth quarter of the year and it won’t be a full-sized projector but a pico-projector with a twist. It will measure 100cc in size but it will deliver a very impressive bright, high-quality video and still images in WVGA resolution. The prototype will offer you a brightness of 10-15 lumens and will come without a focus wheel since the engine behind it will deliver focused images at all distances.

What will happen next? Dr. Edward Buckley, LBO’s VP Business Development said in a recent interview:

The Company’s first product – a 30cc projection engine suitable for integration into an accessory pico projector – is scheduled for release to OEM customers in Q4 09.

We’re really curious to see what other products will Light Blue Optics launch in the near future and what prices we should expect. If you’re as excited as us and want to know more about LBO then follow the complete interview with Dr. Edward Buckley by clicking the link below.

via picoprojector-info