LG LHB953 Home Theater System Review-Solid Home Theater Value

It’s not every day I see LG working in the speaker side of things–sure, I’ve seen plenty of LG televisions, but speaker systems are a slightly rarer pigeon–but my experience with LG so far has been largely good with a few exceptions. Today we continue the streak of largely good with the LG LHB953 home theater system.

The LG LHB953 is a thousand watt, 5.1 channel home theater system that includes a Blu-ray player, four satellite speakers, a center channel speaker and a subwoofer. You’ll also get an iPod dock, a variety of decoders (Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD and dts-HD all make the list), NetCast Entertainment to give you access to streaming sources (like Netflix and Pandora, among others), LG’s Advanced Audio Processing system, an HDMI output, a component output, a composite output and a USB port.

Right away, you’ll be able to tell I’m impressed because this offers up streaming capability, and I’m enamored with most anything that offers up streaming capability. I love the fact that it’ll handle what you need today and tomorrow both, because it provides added value. Added value is almost never a bad thing.

The sound quality is also pretty solid here, which might be the most important part about the whole system, and getting not only all that utility plus a decent sound package leaves me pretty happy indeed.

And the best part is the price–I’ve found this new at $451, and used for significantly less–but there is a down side here in that it’s an older system, and so firmware updates on your Blu-ray player might be a bit short on the ground.

Still though, the sound is great, the capability more than agreeable, and the LG LHB953 is a pretty solid value for your home theater setup. This is certainly one well worth considering.