Ilumina TV Announces Closed Door Preview

In an event that is restricted only to the select public, a Filipino company has scheduled a close-door preview of the Ilumina TV. The select public will be composed of media and electronics engineer on June 12.

Apparently the closed-door preview is aimed to get feedback and serve as a means to determine the reception of this technology would be to the local folks in the Philippines. It is no secret that its first prototype did not do well and to help identify the shortcoming of the Ilumina TV, officials say they will be checking the reaction and impact of the Ilumina TV to the event this coming month.

The “alpha prototype” version of the Ilumina, unveiled in December last year, featured a 32-inch LCD integrated with a small-form factor computer motherboard that allowed it to work as a computer. It had a webcam that can connect to the Internet via cable or WiFi and it runs on Ubuntu operating system.

(Source) Inquirer