Russound iPhone Remote for Home Theaters

The Apple iPhone has been known to be a functional remote for some gadgets and now it looks like it can be a great remote as well for home theater setups. This is a great alternative for people who normally tend to lose their remote controllers.

The control solution that makes all this possible is the RNET Touchpoint. This new device allows users to control zones and source components in a Russound multiroom installation wirelessly, from anywhere in the home, through a friendly graphical user interface (GUI) designed expressly for their iPhone or iPod touch.

“The RNET Touchpoint is more than an application for the iPhone or iPod touch,” said Russound Product Manager Roger Soucy. “It’s a true IP-to-serial control interface that gives users a convenient, one-touch wireless control solution, through a platform that they’re already comfortable with, and without the need for any additional downloads or plug-ins.”

(Source) Home Theater Review