Epson Unveils New Technology For Big Screen OLEDs

Seiko Epson Corporation is pleased to announce that its Epson Inkjet Technology now enables Uniform Emission for Big-Screen OLED TVs. This new technology is a step ahead towards the 37-inch and even larger full-HD OLED televisions. This technology has been designed to provide outstanding viewing characteristics.

The newly developed Epson Inkjet Technology is a better solution for larger display sized as it enables thin-film layers to be formed through the deposition of liquid organic materials. This technology improves not just quality but also brings the large screen OLED TV closers to realization.

It is considered that the Epson Inkjet Technology is one of the long awaited solutions in the form of an OLED display. To know more details about this newly launched Epson technology, you can visit SID 2009 in San Antonio from June 2nd, 2009 onwards.

Source: Epson’