I-O Data Launches BRP-US6 External Blu-ray Burner

Just yesterday we showed you Universal Studios’ intention of launching dual Blu-ray/DVD discs. On the long run, such a strategy could prove to be pretty useful as it could determine people to buy more and more Blu-ray drives and players.

In case you happen to look for a Blu-ray drive or player, I-O Data has a solution for you. The BRP-US6 is an external Blu-ray burner which can be connected to your computer via USB 2.0 and then used to burn as many Blu-ray discs as you want.

The BRP-US6 will offer 6x burning for BD-R SL, 2x for BD-R DL/BD-RE and 6x reading with BD-ROM discs. Naturally the drive also can deal with DVD burning too which means you could get it right away. Unfortunately the external Blu-ray burner will be available only later this month in Japan for $343 and we don’t know what other markets are going to get it next.

via techfresh