Grim Reaper Speakers Add Horror To Your PC Movies

Okay, sometimes you’ve got to bring something up not necessarily because of its ability to process or perform its function, but just because of how cool it looks.  And if your PC is your home theater system of choice, then you’ll likely want to take a look at the Grim Reaper USB speakers.

Like I said, these aren’t here because they dish out the wattage–they only put out two and a half watts of power, in fact.  But when you consider the fact that these speakers are essentially a pair of sculptures in resin of the legendary grim reaper figure in a pair of separate tableaux.

Granted, the wattage is pretty low, but man, you’ve got to admit by any rational standard that these definitely look cool.  And sometimes, looking cool is at least worth a mention.  That and, of course, you can claim you’re decorating your cubicle for Halloween by putting these out there.