Westinghouse Beefs Up Greenvue LCD TV Line

Westinghouse Digital has added a couple of new eco-friendly LCD TVs to beef up its Greenvue LCD TV line. They have added 32” and 42” models which claim to be able to deliver up to 20% power savings. The 32” LCD TV is the SK-32H640G which retails for $430. It features a 720p resolution and a 3,000:1 contrast ratio. This set consumes around 1 watt of power when on standby and requires 31% less power for its size.

The TX-42F810G is the 42” LCD TV model which retails for $700. It offers a full HD 1080p resolution and consumes 24% less power. It has a contrast ratio of 4,000:1 and a 6.5ms response time. These two new LCD TVs join the prior roster of 26” LCD TV models recently introduced by Westinghouse. So if you are looking for a power-saver LCD TV, these new models are certain to satisfy your home viewing and budget issues for home power consumption.

(Source) TWICE