Gefen HD-PVR High-Definition Personal Video Recorder


The Gefen Corporation has recently introduced a new High-Definition Personal Video Recorder (HD-PVR) which facilitates the users for Video recording and playback at resolutions of 480i to 1080i.

The device is designed in a smart shape measuring externally 6.9″W x 2.1″H x 6.9″D and weighting just5 lbs. With the mere consumption of 20 watts this Video Recorder helps in power saving.

The Recorder also employs a removable SD flash memory devices and/or a built-in 80GB hard disk drive. The Video Recorder (HD-PVR) gives the users special buttons for to review, fast forward, fast backwards, pause, and erase videos.

The device not only acts as a recorder but gives a numerous other options like it can be used as storage device for the contents that you want, the user can also play music, look at digital picture albums, or play back previously recorded clips.

So, in short it is a complete entertainment media in one device. The users who plan to buy one need to wait as there is no word on the pricing and availability of the device till now.

Via: Gefen