Elite Home Theater Seating iPad Chair

Looking for accessories specifically customized for your latest Apple iPad? Well, check out the new iPad chair by Elite Home Theater Seating. It is a new ergonomically designed chair personalized for optimum iPad use.

The iPad Chair features a whisper quiet reclining motor for the foot rest, elbow positioning, lumbar support and a seat cushion, all combined together to offer the ultimate iPad experience. The Luxa2 H4 iPad holder will secure the remarkable device firmly with its 6 rubber pins. The holder easily slides into the cupholder of the Elite HTS chair and can be easily swivel and pivot up to 360 degrees. Besides, it can also be rotated vertically or horizontally and positioned flat like a table.

So, get set to enjoy the power of your iPad in total relaxation with both hands free sitting in the sleek ‘iPad Chair’.