GefenTV GTV-CR-5SP Speaker System

GefenTV GTV-CR-5SP Speaker System Gefen is pleased to announce about the shipping of its wall-mountable, five speaker system, the GTV-CR-5SP. Engineered to deliver fine sound quality, this Conference Room Speakers are designed to match the GefenTV Home Theater Audio Processor’s speaker binding posts.

Designed to match any decor, each two-way speaker offers a ported design and built-in wall mountable ability. It consists of 5 surround speakers that perfectly compliment both small and large rooms. To get started, simply connect the speakers to an audio amplifier and then turn on all connected AV equipment.

The GTV-CR-5SP speakers have been designed to deliver high-quality and reliable audio rather than booming bass and high volume output. The GTV-CR-5SP is priced at $999 for five speakers, $599 for three speakers (GTV-CR-3SP) and $399 for two speakers (GTV-CR-2SP).