EDGE Tech DiskGO Smart 2.5 Ultra Portable Hard Drive

.EDGE Tech Corp a world class supplier of DRAM and flash memory upgrades, storage devices recently announced the release of its latest DiskGO™ Smart 2.5″ Ultra Portable Hard Drive with Migo™. As the name suggests DiskGo is meant for globetrotters. This slim ultra portable hard disk drive empowers the users to carry both critical data and numerous personal computer settings with them.

“We are proud to partner with Migo to offer consumers this ground-breaking application that allows users to virtually carry their desktop and computer settings,” said EDGE Tech Corp president, Jeff Thompson.

The Migo software is very convenient to use and is helpful in synching a computer’s main drive to portable drives allowing the users to access their personal settings on another PC. With DiskGO™ Smart 2.5″ users can carry documents, Outlook, and Thunderbird emails and preferences, Internet Explorer or Firefox favorites and settings, and desktop background and shortcuts wherever they go. To ensure safety, the Migo software has a functionality called leave no trace which purges all Internet and document history is purged when the drive is unplugged.

Via: Businesswire