Dxantenna DXRS500 and DXRS250 HDD/DVD Players


Perhaps bored of their antiquated, simple DVD players Movie buffs can now buy the latest, multi-purpose Dxantenna DXRS500 and DXRS250 HDD/DVD Players. The unique forms converge digital tuner and DX antenna in their sleek and slender bodies. Both the 500 GB DXRS500 and 250GB DXRS250 equip the built-in BS/110 CS digital tuner and the terrestrial analog tuner with each 1 systematic equipment apart from common HDD feature. In addition to the double video recording of digital 1/analog 1 program, it also corresponds to bi-directional dubbing between HDD and DVD and dubbing 10. They also facilitate genre search and sport extension video recording from EPG. The 4.5KG players record video on DVD-R/RW disk. Consuming 45W electric power, the 500 GB model is priced at 65,000 Yen, whereas the 250GB model will be retailed for 55,000 Yen.