Dai Kimura and Andrew York Partner in California Breeze Stereo SACD from Japan

Japanese Guitarist Dai Kimura has teamed up with Andrew York on a Hybrid Stereo Super Audio CD from Sony Music Japan International. California Breeze is Kimura’s fourth album and the third that Sony Music Japan has released as a Stereo SACD. In this case he’s joined by Andrew York, a composer and guitarist best known for his work as a member of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (also known as the LAGQ) – a group that issued 3 Surround Sound SACDs to date on the Telarc label.

A Familiar Partnership
According to the album liner notes, Kimura and York have worked together in the past. Kimura recorded several of York’s compositions for his first album. Included in this group was a song written by York especially for Kimura entitled “Moontan”. For California Breeze, York is the composer of all 21 songs on the album – consisting of both previous compositions and new material.

Kimura says that “Andy’s pieces are characterized by their beautiful melodies and a mellow sound quality. It’s these features that give them the character of poems in music that blow like a fresh breeze. As you listen to California Breeze, I hope you’ll be able to sense somewhere a pleasantly nostalgic but fresh sound, and I jope that this fresh breeze will waft over both you and me.”

Album Performers
Dai Kimura – Guitar
Andrew York – Composer (All Tracks), Guitar & Voice
Larry Steen – Bass
Tim Timmermans – Percussion

Album Tracks
1. California Breeze
2. Sunburst
3. Josh’s Jam
4. Letting Go
5. Sunshine Rag
6. Albaycin
7. Andecy
8. Quicksilver
9. Snowflight
10. Lullaby
11. Sunday Morning Delivery
12. Kinderlight – Fanfare
13. Kinderlight – Cradle Song
14. Kinderlight – Josh’s Jam
15. Kinderlight – Why
16. Kinderlight – Sam’s Song
17. Kinderlight – By Candlelight
18. Kinderlight – Sun Walk
19. Evening Dance
20. Emergence
21. Perfect Sky

If you’ve heard the music of the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (LAGQ), the tracks will seem very familar – both in style and melodies. I found the album a nice way to relax and enjoy the sounds of two guitarists who really know their stuff.

The Hybrid Stereo Super Audio CD edition of California Breeze is available for purchase from music stores in Japan. It is also available from the HMV Japan, Amazon.Co.Jp and Amazon.de web sites.