Creative MovieWorks HD iPod Dock

Now you can put those great stored videos to use on your iPod with this new iPod Dock from Creative. Creative unveiled a new HD docking station for iPods called the Xdock HD. It was capable of outputting video in 1080 and sending X-Fi quality sound to other wireless receivers around your house. We never heard anything official about it since.

Now they’ve quietly released a fresh one in the Cambridge Soundworks line called MovieWorks HD. It appears to be the exact same device. It does the usual, outputting iPod video and audio via HDMI onto your TV or sound system. According to Creative, this is the only one with it’s Xtreme Fidelity, X-Fi Crystallize and X-Fi CMSS-3D technology.

If you hate cables you can get the optional wireless receiver, but the dock itself will run you $249.99.

(Source) Slipper Brick