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Lepai LP-808 Mini-Amplifier

Specifications: R.M.S: 15wpc x2 Channel: 2-channel Power supply: DC 12V 2A Size: 140 x 95 x 40mm (5.5 x 3.7 x 1.6 inch) Price: $24.95 There are times when all audio fans need a secondary amplifier to temporarily play music, but the thought of dragging a big old piece of gear is the last thing
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New Pioneer Receivers Integrated with iPhone and iPod Connectivity

Pioneer Electronics unveils three new A/V receivers that now cover interface options that will allow consumers to enjoy audio and video stored from iPhone and iPods. The three new receivers, VSX-819AH, VSX-919AH and VSX-1019AH A/V receivers feature proprietary technologies designed to restore compressed audio data and recreate the dynamic listening experiences intended by the original
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Yamaha PDX-31: iPod Speaker Dock

Yamaha will soon launch a new iPod Speaker dock codenamed PDX-31 which is priced at $170 and comes with an average set of features, including: – works with iPhone and iPod; – comes with 3.25-inch speakers; – includes an AUX-in to connect other MP3 players; – available in red, black, or gray; – also comes
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Victor JVC NX-TC7: iPod dock with 1seg

All the way from Japan comes a new iPod dock made by Victor JVC which is codenamed NX-TC7 and should become available for purchase on November 2010. What makes the Victor JVC NX-TC7 different from the rest is the support of 1seg which means you can easily watch TV.

JVC NX-PB10: CD Player with iPod + iPhone dock

JVC has recently presented a new CD player that comes with a dock for your iPhone or iPod, it is entitled JVC NX-PB10. The JVC NX-PB10 also includes a slot for SD memory cards and besides the support of MP3 files it can also playback WMA.

Logitec LDs-SiP500: iPhone and iPod speaker

Logitec from Japan has announced a new iPhone and iPod speaker which goes by the name of Logitec LDs-SiP500 and at the moment there isn’t any information about the price tag, we only know the release date which is set for October 2010.

iHome IP3 – iPhone and iPod Dock

iHome has recently announced a new dock for both the iPhone and iPod, it is codenamed iHome IP3 and is already available for purchase with a price tag of $200. The iHome IP3 can be considered the “big brother” of the previous model – IP1 – and features a W class D camp with two
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