Blu Spec: The Latest CD Format from Sony

While many of us think that the blu ray is still building steam, it appears that there is a new CD format out in the market soon courtesy of Sony. The new CD format is the Blu Spec, a new approach to the faithful reproduction of music by utilizing the leading-edge blue laser diode technologies optimized for the manufacturing of Blu-ray.

Sony doesn’t claim that the Blu-spec CD sounds any better than a CD or how the new discs compare with Sony’s previous and nearly dead super-CD format, Super Audio CD (SACD).

Although Sony made its Blu-spec PR splash in Japan, a few titles to the United States. The site lists Blu-spec CDs from Aerosmith, Jeff Beck, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and Weather Report. While most Blu-spec CDs carry a list price of $25 in Japan.

(Source) CNet