Byd:sign DC-1902DW First DivX Certified HDTV in Japan

DivX, Inc. recently launched DivX Certified LCD HDTVs DC-1902DWB and DC-1902DWW. User can now easily enjoy high quality content through Internet by transferring digital content from PC to TV.

“We are very happy to work with byd:sign in the introduction of Japan’s first DivX Certified LCD TV, empowering the Japanese market to easily transfer high-definition videos directly to their TVs,” said Kevin Hell, Chief Executive Officer of DivX, Inc. “DivX is the only video format that offers consumers an easy and flexible way to move video content across devices, guaranteeing interoperability between the PC, TV, DVD players, mobile phones, and more. Byd:sign’s compact LCD HDTV is a prime example of the simple transferability of high-quality content in an open, digital system.”

The byd:sign’s LCD HDTV is the first Div X certified LCD HDTV in Japan. You can experience the superior video quality with DivX video playback. Div X certification in itself means the product goes through careful and accurate testing program offering security and high quality.

The content can now be created and shared across various devices. The certification will change the way you view things.

Via: Press