Maxx Digital Portable DVD Player


If you are looking to an advanced and high-end featured DVD player, buy the Maxx Digital portable DVD Player. It looks like Sony PSP in form factor and design. You can view movies for a mind blowing experience. It is an amazing and eye-catching device.

Though the portable DVD player doesn’t support gaming features, still its other stunning features attract the customers. You can watch the images quite clear on its 8.5 inch LCD widescreen display. The unique device has plenty of formats including DVD, DVD+/R, DVD+/-RW, CD, CD-R/RW, VCD and SVCD.

Now you can enjoy your favourite music, as the DVD player supports JPEG, MP3 and MPEG4 multimedia files. The customers can extend the memory of the DVD player with the help of integrated SD/MMS/MS memory card slot. Thus, you can save a lot more data in your DVD player.

The fantastic Maxx Digital portable DVD player is now available at the cheaper cost of $120. Just buy the unique DVD player and enjoy with it!