Bose Cinemate Series 2 Home Theatre Review-Small And Powerful

I love the recent movement in home theatre speaker equipment that says you can get monster sound out of tiny systems, or like Bose so often says, how you can get room filling sound from less than room filling speakers.  The Bose Cinemate Series 2 is an excellent example of that.  Just four pieces–two speakers, an Acoustimass module and a remote control–add up to make a sound system of exceptional quality.

And this is the great part about the whole thing.  I just described this whole system in a bare handful of words, because it only needs a few.  But the system itself will put out some incredible sound.  It’s not surprising that it retails for about six hundred bucks, depending on where you shop, because it’s actually worth quite a bit more.

The Bose Cinemate Series 2 is an extremely high value packed into a terribly compact system that puts out positively unbelievable sound.  If you’re looking for a home theatre sound system, then you could do a whole lot worse than this.