Bose LS48 Series IV Home Theatre System Review-Bass You Can Feel

It’s not unusual to talk about a system’s bass as being loud, but it’s not every day you get to talk about a system’s bass in terms of what it does to your internal organs.  This is one of those very rare days.

Today we’re talking about the Bose Lifestyle Series IV home theatre system, a home theatre that does not mess around in terms of sound, but isn’t quite so hot on the video side of things. It comes with a media center, an Acoustimass module, four cube speaker arrays, one horizontal center channel speaker, remote control, and five speaker cables.  It also offers ADAPTIQ audio calibration and wireless control options.

I FELT the bass on this one.  I couldn’t believe it, but these tiny, palm-sized speakers were putting out sufficient bass to be felt in my guts.  I stood away from it at a range of about three feet and could feel the rumble in my stomach.  That’s just unbelievable.  The video wasn’t quite as hot as I might have liked, but then I’ve never been one to route a display feed through a receiver in the first place.

But one thing’s clear enough, the Bose Lifestyle 48 Series IV home theatre system is downright impressive, and if you use it just for the sound, you’ll be impressed too.  Of course, for the thirty five hundred bucks they’re asking for it, it had better be good.