Panasonic TCP54S1 Television Review-Excellent Overall

I’m generally very fond of the Panasonic lineup as they’re not only an excellent system overall most times, but they’re also very intuitive to learn without even consulting a manual.  That’s one of my top criterion for judging a system–if I have to resort to a manual it loses points with me.

The Panasonic Viera TCP54S1 is no exception and proves to be an excellent system overall, much like the rest of its lineup.

This Panasonic is a fifty four inch 1080p plasma TV with three HDMI slots and the exclusive Viera Image Viewer, which allows you to show pictures from SD cards directly onto the screen.

One thing is clear, the picture on this piece is absolutely phenomenal.  There are easily reached, easily operable side-mounted controls to complement the remote, and the sound quality is also solid as a stand-alone system.  The one down side is that it’s got a pretty salty price tag of around eighteen hundred bucks, depending as always on where you shop.

But the Panasonic TCP54S1 is certainly a solid value for the price, and if you’re prepared to go big you can’t do much better.