Blockbuster Signs Deal To Get Web Features

So Blockbuster’s trying to make a move on the streaming video market, and they’ve got a new ally.  The crew out at ActiveVideo Networks is coming on board with Blockbuster to provide a platform by which web-based interface features can be linked to Blockbuster On Demand.

Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, so who knows just how much cash beleaguered Blockbuster had to lay out to get their hands on this tech?

But one thing’s for sure, Blockbuster would probably feel a whole lot better if they could get at least a side gig going putting up streaming video.  That would help their cash picture considerably, not to mention bottom out their expenses.  The word from Blockbuster proper:

“In the digital age, simplifying the ability of the customer to quickly find the desired title is every bit as important as it has been in our stores,” Kevin Lewis, Blockbuster’s senior vice president of digital entertainment, said in a statement. “By joining with ActiveVideo, we’re able to take a wide assortment of search and discovery tools that have proven their value on the Web and bring them to the television as part of an enhanced home entertainment environment.”

If they don’t, they might well find themselves getting run over by Netflix, Redbox, and all the rest.