Bad Day Entertainment Industry Part Two: The Theaters

Oh man, I got a double punch of bad news coming out about movie theaters today.  You know how yesterday I passed on how AMC wasn’t letting in outside snacks?  They may want to reconsider, because as it turns out, their popcorn is NIGHTMARISHLY fatty.

A large serving of popcorn at Regal Theaters contains twelve hundred calories and sixty grams of saturated fat.  Meanwhile, AMC’s large has one thousand thirty and fifty seven grams of fat.  These are mostly empty numbers until you add a nice reference point like this one:

“That’s like eating a pound of baby back ribs topped with a scoop of Haagen-Dazs ice cream – except that the popcorn has an additional day’s worth of saturated fat,” the study said.

On the whole, I’d rather have the ribs.

Meanwhile, the SECOND blow is that the average price of a movie ticket has actually gone UP between four and six percent, on average, which makes me wonder how long before the theaters just pack it in and have done with it because this is just getting ridiculous.  Popcorn with more fat than ribs and ice cream?  AND I get to pay more for the privilege?

It’s a bad sign of things to come, folks.  Stay tuned.