Backyard Home Theater System

Recently, Open Air Cinema announced its latest enjoyment device called the CineBox Home outdoor theater system. Designed to offer the users a whole new way to enjoy watching movies, the new CineBox Home outdoor theater system is ideal for the families that live jointly and spend time together.

“People are staying home and looking for ways to make their family and neighborhood activities more fun—and what better way to do it than an outdoor movie night?” said Stuart Farmer, CEO of Open Air Cinema. “We rip the roof off the home theater and take it outside. Our system is easier to set up than a pup tent and when deflated, the 123-inch movie screen weighs about eight pounds and fits inside a duffle bag, which you can take anywhere.”

Open Air Cinema CineBox Home backyard theater kit comprises of a digital projector, DVD player, sound mixer, Goose Neck LED light, carrying case, muffler for blower fan and blower fan. The CineBox Home kit is currently available through and other major retailers nationwide. The pricing for this product starts at $399 for the 10-foot screen.

Via: Press