ASUS My Cinema-PE6300Hybrid PCI-Express TV Card

Cinema-PE6300Hybrid ASUS, producer of great multimedia solutions, has recently introduced its new PCI-express TV card called ASUS My Cinema-PE6300Hybrid. This new card has been designed to provide the users with a perfect digital recording facility on their PCs and analog TV.

The ASUS My Cinema-PE6300Hybrid comes equipped with an array of versatile utilities to make sure the users enjoy all-in-one multimedia entertainment on their PCs. Embedded with a hardware MPEG2 encoder; this new card reduces loading, thereby guaranteeing high-quality video outputs.

ASUS My Cinema-PE6300Hybrid incorporates the ASUS VideoSecurity Online technology for building a home monitoring security system. This new product brought out by ASUS, lets the user watch digital or analog TV programs, edit and make their own movies, burn DVD, listen to FM, MP3 music and sort photographs and videos.